Four Widely Accepted Styles In Boxing You Wish You Can Learn

Talking about combat type of sport, the only word knocks our brains is, boxing. In the boxing game, two people throw predetermined punches at one another, and the game goes on for a specific time span in the boxing ring. The game is played under the supervision of a referee. In the game, the result depends on the situation. If one player seems incapable to continue the game or breaks any rule of the game or he scores less than the opponent, then the opponent wins the game. If you are interested in boxing and you want to learn the art of boxing then first you need to find an experienced instructor, or buying best boxing gloves from and other boxing equipement for protection.

Is It Easy to Define Boxing Style?

The instructor is the person who will teach you the proper stances and how to block or avoid punches while you will be in the boxing ring. When you are going to learn boxing, it is quite natural you want to know the styles of boxing. If you look at the history of boxing, then you can see there are many changes, techniques, strategies, and styles of boxing that were enlisted in detail. Though, the changes, techniques, and styles are not fixed forever. A condition in the boxing ring, the demands of promoters, and techniques of teaching and impact of renowned boxers compel the styles and strategies of boxing time and again.For better boxing, you need a workout which help you to improve you game.

Various Types of Boxing

Albeit, there are mainly four types of boxing that prevail in the world of boxing. These are – Swarmer, slugger, boxer-puncher, and out-boxer.boxing fight
Swarmer: It is truly technical boxing. The style of boxing is beyond doubt aggressive as well as ruthless. In this style of boxing, powerful and devastating punches are delivered by the boxers. The punches come up with extraordinary speed and foot work. Swarmers play boxing in their own terms and very close to their opponents. Swarmers or crowders, they play in aggressive way and blow out their opponents just in few punches.
Slugger: Sluggers deliver extraordinary punches to blow out their opponents from boxing ring. They provide a neck to neck fight to swarmers. Sluggers are good opponents to swarmers. Sluggers are little slow, then swarmers, but they can punch even harder comparing to swarmers. That is the reason why, people love to watch a boxing game between swarmer and slugger.
Boxer-Puncher: Boxers who play boxing in boxer puncher style, they are more technical, skilled and they use force in their punches. Boxer-punchers know the techniques well of boxing game and they use speed with mobility to play against opponents. They can play best against swarmers as they can protect punches with power. Though, they are not good against sluggers.
Out-boxer: Out-boxers are known well for their longer and faster range of boxing. They are just opposite of swarmers. They are very good on foot work and very fast on feet.
These are the main styles of boxing. Moreover, if you research deep, then you can find more sub-styles and techniques of boxing. Counterpuncher, the southpaw, orthodox and switch hitter, and many more techniques and stances are there in boxing. For more information about different kind of sports subscribe at